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Vampire Breed (Kiera Hudson Series One Book 4) by Tim O'Rourke - Review

Without any introduction or adieu, I’m just going to jump into the synopsis of the fourth book in the Kiera Hudson series by Tim O’Rourke!

Vampire Breed starts off right where Vampire Hunt left off. Suddenly, Kiera finds herself trapped in a cage in a zoo like an animal. She’s tired, dirty, exhausted, and worst of all; she’s become addicted to human blood at the hands of her captors. When she begins to think that all is lost, a young werewolf comes to visit her almost every night. With Nik’s vague and somewhat confusing stories about what has happened to Kiera and her friends, it’s hard for Kiera to know if he’s someone she can trust. Slowly, her memories of the past few months of her captivity come back into focus as dreams and she slowly puts together the pieces of the story of her captivity. After finally escaping, she and her friends must work even harder to find out the hidden identity of the Vampyrus who is behind all of their suffering.

This installment of the Kiera Hudson series is probably the most action packed of them all. Even amid flashbacks to the times when Kiera is trapped in a testing facility, there is still so much drama and action that the story will constantly keep you guessing. There are car chases, a battle in a monastery, vampire fights, wolf on vampire attacks and even some hand-in-chest-and-rip-out-the-heart action. This story will definitely get your adrenalin pumping.

Tim O’Rourke once again shows his mastery at building stories and characters that are larger than life. He has readers constantly guessing and changing their alliances. That was one of my favorite parts of this book; it was so hard for Kiera and the reader to figure out who are the good guys and who are the bad guys. With the constant information that Keira gathers about the Vampyrus’s plans to take over the world, she finds it harder and harder to trust even those that she’s come to love. The ever-looming suspicion that hung in the air during this book had me picking apart the characters and I was extremely surprised with the ending of the story.

Kiera once again proved to be a strong and resilient character. Even when she was dirty, abused, starved and addicted to human blood, she found strength in herself and worked through the pain and hopelessness she felt. This is the best part about Kiera: she is always in the mood to kick butt and take names and she does it with her brilliant intellect. Kiera Hudson will forever be at the top of my list of heroines.

I am definitely on team Potter after reading Vampire Breed. While this may have been due to the fact that Luke was only in this book for the first few chapters, I have completely fallen for Potter’s don’t give a damn attitude and his suave persona. I’m even starting to like his catch phrases like “sweet cheeks” and “don’t get too excited tiger.” He cracks me up and makes me swoon at the same time. Potter is a perfect combination of bad boy and comedian.

After reading this book, I cannot wait to finish out the series. This story in particular is a must read for fans of the Kiera Hudson series and vampire lovers everywhere!

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9 out of 10

Happy Reading :)


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