Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Vampire Wake (The Kiera Hudson Series One, Book Two) By Tim O'Rourke - Review

After reading the first book in the Kiera Hudson series, Vampire Shift, I could not wait to pick up Vampire Wake! While the first book didn't end with a very big cliff hanger, I wanted to see what this book would bring to the table after I enjoyed the first one so much.

** Some semi-spoilers below if you haven’t read Vampire Shift! Read ahead at your own risk! I promise not to give too much away!

Vampire Wake begins a few months after Keira left The Ragged Cove and she is on temporary leave from the police force because of her crazy stories of vampire bats living in The Ragged Cove. Her therapist seems to think she’s crazy and Kiera herself is starting to believe her. While everyday she pours over every major newspaper looking for clues as to where Luke and her old comrades may have gone, Kiera’s special gift of sight begins to become more pronounced until they seem to be full blown visions. Just when her life seems to be going nowhere and fast, Kiera gets an offer to stay in a manor a few hours away to babysit a rich woman’s young daughter who seems to be mixed up with the wrong kind of people. Kiera has no idea that accepting this request will lead to destruction, danger and some terrifying realizations about herself and her future.

This book was very different from the first installment of the Keira Hudson series.  As we got to know Kiera in the first book, we see a more vulnerable side to her in the second. She’s confused about what happened to her at The Ragged Cove and completely heart broken. She finally found someone that she fell for and then they disappeared, without a trace. That’s not to say that Kiera was whiney and dramatic, she went about in true “Kiera fashion” and started solving crimes around town, trying to make sense of her life logically. Kiera is still one of my favorite female protagonists of all time. In this book you’ll get to see the same sarcastic and powerful Kiera that you loved in Vampire Shift. One of my favorite things about her is her ability of sight and how she uses it in an almost sarcastic way. Her comic relief in this slightly intense book was very refreshing.

In this book, we meet a few new characters and reunite with some of the old.We also see a love triangle begin to develop. Don't worry, I won't tell you who's with who, but I'm getting pretty excited. It seems that authors these days just love to torture us, trying to make us choose sides! While I'm not sure who's side I'm on just yet in the Kiera Hudson series, I hope that by book three, I will have a team to stand behind. 

While I did really enjoy this book, I felt like this may have been kind of a filler , just setting up more of the plot for the third, fourth and fifth installments of the Kiera Hudson series.,, which I'm completely fine with as I can't wait to see what happens in book three! 

7 out of 10
eBook only

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