Friday, February 24, 2012

Vampire Hunt by Tim O'Rourke - Review

It’s official… Tim O’Rourke has made his way into my top favorite authors. Vampire Hunt, book three in the Kiera Hudson series, was simply amazing. I stayed up all night just to finish this book and then had to immediately download Vampire Breed and start reading! I haven’t come across a more emotional and gut wrenching cliffhanger in a very long time.  

Vampire Hunt takes off right where Vampire Wake left off. In search of Kayla, Kiera, Luke, Murphy, Potter and Isidor are running for their lives from the Vampyrus that are after them and so are the human authorities. In their quest to find Kayla, they uncover more about the mystery of who is behind the whole “Vampyrus taking over the world” thing. Well, I think that’s enough of a description for now. This book was full of twists, turns, cliffhangers and so many “gasp!” moments, I’d hate to ruin anything for future readers.

While I loved VampireShift, the first novel, I think this book has to be my favorite so far. We learn more about Kiera, her past, and even her future. While I didn’t think it would be possible for me to fall further in love with the characters in the story, I was very  much mistaken. The characters that O’Rourke has created inch their way into your heart and you can’t help but feel every bit of love and pain that they feel. While reading, I often found myself with a tear in my eye and a hand to my chest, distraught over the trials and tribulations the characters must struggle through.

We are introduced to a new “breed” of character (I know, lame joke) in this novel. O’Rourke’s own brand of Lycanthrope break into this story and they are nothing like Jacob, except for the fact that you may find yourself willing to do anything to be with them. They’ve got the power of persuasion on their side and I loved this different take on the werewolf vs. vampire relationship.

All in all, I’m coming to expect nothing short of genius from Tim O’Rourke and I haven’t been this excited about a self published author since Amanda Hocking. This series is completely stunning and I can’t wait to finish it out!

9 out of 10

Happy Reading :)


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