Thursday, September 6, 2012

Onyx (Lux, #2) by Jennifer L. Armentrout - Review

Well it took me a while, but I finally finished Onyx. I have some very mixed feelings on this book and so without further adieu, I'm going to jump right into my review!

Onyx picks up right where Obsidian left off. Not only has Katy's relationship with Daemon changed, but Katy herself has changed, and she's not sure what's happening to her. She feels sick all the time and suddenly, objects begin to move at her will. As if that wasn't enough to deal with, the DOD come into the picture and she and her friends are no longer safe. Secrets begin to unfold around them and Katy and the gang must figure out who they can trust, and who are their enemies.

This is going to be a very difficult review for me to write. First off, the pacing in Onyx was a little off for me. I had trouble reading more than 20 pages at each sitting and while the first book took only a day to read, this one took over a week for me to get through. Once I got to the end of the book, things happened so fast I felt rushed and confused. This made it hard for me to enjoy this book.

I also didn't love the change in characters in this book. I felt like the strong and sassy Katy we saw in Obsidian was gone, replaced with a timid, worrisome girl who cried all the time. I understand that characters change as do their circumstances, but Katy's character was one of my favorite parts of book 1. Daemon's change in attitude was also troubling for me. In book one, Daemon had a very strong and snarky personality with a sort of sweet sensitivity behind the outer rude boy. In this book, I kind of had trouble finding the real Daemon. It seemed like he completely changed and not for the better.

The last and possibly biggest problem I had with this book was that I read it was another copy cat. I've just recently finished Half-Blood and as a huge fan of Vampire Academy, I didn't love the extremely similar plot line and characters, but I tolerated it. I read a recent review of this book by the Book Slayer, indicating that the Lux series followed one of her favorite T.V. shows called Roswell. While I've never seen a single episode of the show, it's pretty disappointing that once again, one of  Armentrout's novels is a play on another show or book. I was right in the middle of a super slow part of Onyx when I read Lauren's review and it just made it that much harder to finish.

The ending was interesting and more intense than the rest of the book, but my enjoyment was tainted with the knowledge that this was just another copied story. I understand taking creative liberties on existing stories, but this seems more like an unoriginal author taking another story and using it as their own. I'm a little disappointed. I've been dishing out a lot of 5's and 6's lately so hopefully I read something the blows my mind soon! I hate being in this slump!

Happy Reading :)

6 out of 10



  1. Great review, very thoughtful. I didn't really mention it in my review because I busy with other stuff.. but I felt disconnected to the characters as well. Katy for instance was downright whiny most the time. So many "ohhh I love him" "Ohh I don't" "Ohh it's the *connection*" Sigh.

    I hope you find a good book soon so we can see some higher numbers!! ;)

  2. I completely agree, I was bored by the "I love you, no I don't... wait, yes I do." It was exhausting and it really hurt the story!

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