Saturday, August 11, 2012

Obsidian (Lux, #1) by Jennifer L. Armentrout - Review

Now for the better part of my blogging experience, and that's been about 8 months now, I've been hearing things about Daemon. I've seen Obsidian's book cover all over the blogosphere and I've been reading reviews for a while now, most are glowing and of course all about Daemon. Bloggers across the interweb have been drooling over this handsome devil and it's sadly taken me this long to read the book and I'm glad I did. This reason being that I only have to wait a week for Onyx to be released instead of months. In all honesty, it doesn't make it any easier.

Katy and her mother have just moved to Small-town, USA which happens to be in West Virginia. Katy, a quiet and shy girl, is dreading moving from her home in sunny Florida to a one horse town where she knows no one... her senior year. Could life get worse? She then meets her next door neighbors. Dee is a spunky girl her age with whom she instantly connects with, her older brother Daemon on the other hand, is outright rude and menacing. But, when the two are thrown together, they find that they have much more in common than they think. This action packed and sexy story brings a a new twist to the age old aliens in the corn fields tales and it will make you wish you could meet your own rude extraterrestrial.

I began reading Obsidian withs ome slight jitters. I had never read a story about aliens and it made me kind of nervous, but right away Armentrout's voice sucked me right in. While this book may lack the polish of many books out there today, her voice came through the story and kept me laughing out loud through out the whole book.

As I got into the book, I immediately liked Katy. I'm a sucker for a sassy heroine with a smart mouth and Katy is just that. She's always got a quip to keep Daemon in check and I found myself saying things like "sweet baby Jesuses of the world" the next day, which was somewhat embarrassing but also plain old awesome. I devoured this book start to finish and J.LAs writing style definitely played a big part in this.

Now lets talk about Daemon. Of course we'll chat about him, what good is a review of Obsidian without touching on this hunk of burning love... from outer space? I love a good bad boy and Daemon plays the part well. He's mysterious and brooding without being violent and I fell for him instantly. Armentrout gave him the ability to made me want to kick him in the shins and kiss him all at the same time. He's climbing my list of favorite YA hotties.

The plot was exciting and pretty unique. I loved that there was action and adventure as much as there was romance and flirting. As I finished Obsidian, I quickly went to buy the next book, but to my sheer and utter disappointment, I have to wait. I was so sad that I couldn't start another book. I do believe I have a book hangover my friends.

8 out of 10

Happy Reading :)



  1. Like you, I felt pretty pressured to give this book a go. Bloggers have definitely been raving about it for months. I enjoyed it a lot. I found the story pretty unique as well. And Katy - love her! She's awesomely stubborn. Haha. Although I like Daemon, I don't "love" him like a lot of readers do. He's swoon-y definitely, but for some reason I just can't declare him as one of my favorites. I can't figure out what it is exactly but at times he rubs me wrong. Can't wait to see what you thinking about Onyx. I just* bought it.

  2. I absolutely loved this book! I read the whole entire series in just a couple of weeks. I have reread it and reread it and I still plan on rereading it again. In your review, you hit all of the right points. If you liked Lux, I would suggest Shatter Me trilogy by Tahereh Mafi. It has the similar vibe, but with a different idea. You can check out my Lux review on my blog here:
    Keep up the good work and I hope to see more book reviews soon!