Monday, August 5, 2013

Review: Just for Now (Sea Breeze, #4) by Abbi Glines

It’s time for another Sea Breeze book review! This deliciously steamy series is hard to put down and I’m always sad when I finish one! Now I have to wait a while for book 5 and I’m itching to hear more about Jax Stone’s younger brother Jason in the 5th installment of the series!

 Preston Drake has had to grow up fast. With a drug addicted mother who cares more about her next fix than taking care of her little ones, Preston has had to step up and take care of his young siblings. When times get tough, Preston has to turn to some pretty unconventional (and illegal) means of making ends meet for his family. With a different trashy girl in his bed every night, he’s content with the life he thinks he deserves. Then there’s Amanda Hardy. The younger sister of his best friend and the good girl he needs to stay away from. He know’s he’s not good for a girl like Amanda but when she turns on the charm, he can’t seems to stay away.

 Of course, I really enjoyed this book. It’s the age old story of boy with the troubled past falls for the good little rich girl in town who happens to be a friend’s younger sister. It’s a classic story replayed over and over, but Abbi Glines did it right with this one.

Her story telling is once again showcased in Just For Now. Her characters are engaging and likeable and I fell for Preston right along with Amanda! It was interesting reading Amanda’s perspective because she’s the younger girl, forever known as the “off limits” younger sister. Her heart has always beat a little faster when Preston’s around but the looming shadow of her brother and his past have always kept things from going that one step further.

We also get to see a lot more from our other favorite Sea Breeze couples including more from the focus of book five, Jason Stone. I can’t wait to get my hand on Glines’s next installment!

7 out of 10

Happy Reading :)


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