Monday, May 13, 2013

Review: Wait for You (Wait for You, #1) by J. Lynn

When I first saw this book, it was wildly popular and I was surprised that I’d never heard of J. Lynn. After not too much digging, I found that J. Lynn is actually Jennifer L. Armentrout, the author of the Lux series. I decided I needed to give her New Adult book a try since I've read her other series as well.

Avery changed her whole life after what happened at that Halloween party five years ago. She moved away from her hometown to a college far away. She’s trying to make friends and to live a normal college life. When she meets Cameron, the swoon-worthy boy across the hall, she can’t seem to shake him. He’s everywhere. As she starts to let Cameron in, she finally starts to believe that her life may end up being normal. That’s when she starts receiving threatening emails and phone calls. It’s clear someone doesn't want her to move on and they’ll make sure she doesn’t forget that night.

I’ve had a love hate relationship with Miss Armentrout. While I do like her stories, certain originality issues were brought to my attending and so I tend to read her books with a grain of salt.

Wait for You wasn’t my favorite of her books or my favorite romance out there. I know I’ve said it ten zillion times, but I’m getting somewhat tired of the “girl who was abused in the past is healed by the sexy boy in her pre-calc class” theme. That’s not to say that other readers don't’ enjoy them, but I’m getting bored.

Avery doesn’t stand out as a strong leading lady in my opinion and so that made it a little harder to connect with the book. I’m big into powerful, intelligent women being the leads in the books and Avery just didn’t strike me as having those characteristics. Maybe in the end she turned things around, but by that point, I was already falling off the wagon.

The plot moved along at a good pace and was slightly predictable but still enjoyable. I doubt I’ll be reading book two in the series, but maybe I’ll change my mind when it’s released.

 5 out of 10

Happy Reading :)



  1. Of JLA's books, I've only read Obsidian, and I know people adore her writing, but I think it may not be for me. Your description of the book sounded a lot like Easy, but I'm sure it's slightly different. Great review (as always!) :)

    1. Her writing isn't for a lot of people (or so I've heard). I'm not head over heels, but I enjoy her stories. This book was sort of like a poor man's Easy. A little harsh, but it just didn't have me wanting to stay up all night reading and as I said, the characters didn't do it for me. Thanks :)

  2. That's why I never read Wait For You either! I'm getting so tired of the stereotypical girl with the dark past theme and very few authors have been able to pull it off with a surprising twist (loved Hopeless!). I love J Lynn's Gamble Brother series, but I'm not really sure if I want to read this one anytime soon. Maybe I'll change my mind when the sequel is out. Thanks for sharing your thoughts :)

    1. I completely agree. If it's done well (like in Hopeless and I would even argue Down London Road)I like them, but when the absuive pasts are thrown in there, it makes the books much less enjoyable. I'll have to look into the Gamble Brothers series. I had never heard of them! Thanks :)

  3. I'm very excited that she has another book coming out. That cover is fantastic!

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  4. I thought this book was pretty neat and I'm glad to have the sequel waiting to be read.

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  5. Aw I actually liked it. I have some issues with her writing (when don't I) but I liked the premise overall. Maybe because I don't get too heavy into the New Adult so I haven't exhausted my cliches yet.