Thursday, May 2, 2013

Great Exploitations (Mischief in Miami, #1) by Nicole Willaimis - Mini-Review

I’m a huge fan of Nicole Williams. I really liked her Crash series and her stand alone, Up In Flames, is all kinds of steamy. When I saw she came out with a new book, I didn’t even hesitate in snatching it up and devouring it.

Sienna Stevens is an expert in her field. She’s cool, calm, collected and above all, she doesn’t get personal. Sienna is an Eve. One of a group of women who specialize in covert operations... professional adultery. Rich wives around the world hire the Eve’s to help them out of their marriages while getting around the biggest hurdle of all... a prenup. By catching their husbands red handed with another woman, they are given a free pass out of their marriages with a big check. Sienna is one of the best Eve’s and she’s close to being able to retire. One more big client and she can retire to a life of freedom. But when the biggest client of all comes along, she must decide if this cost is too high to pay for her freedom.

I was surprised by Great Exploitations. Having very little knowledge of the book beforehand, I was surprised by the short length of the story and also of the lack of a love interest for Sienna. Of course we meet her mark, but he’s just that... a mark. After doing a little digging on Miss Williams, it seems that the Mischief in Miami series is going to be a short series with a book being released every month or so. It is to my estimation that the full series will read more like a full book in itself, rather than a series.

I really liked this kind of story. It was short, sweet and to the point. You learned about Sienna and her current client and also about her career as an Eve. This is such a unique and interesting plot! The women in the Eves are hard to forget, but you’ll never meet the same woman again. Sienna is constantly changing her appearance so as not to be recognized by her clients or her marks.

I won’t give much more away as there really isn’t too much to this installment of the series. Just know that this fast and saucy read is just the start of what I can only imagine will be a fun series by Williams.

6 out of 10

Happy Reading :)



  1. I just saw this one on Goodreads. If it has your approval, I'll probably bump it up on my list. It definitely sounds more original than other NAs. And thumbs up for interesting plots!!

    1. It's pretty good. You really need to take it as the first chapter or two of a whole book. You just get background on the characters and the Eves and there's a little set up for what's to come, but not much else. It's a quick read!

    2. OMG, it's only 90 pages!!! I didn't notice that before. That definitely makes sense now. That's interesting... novella? I can dig it. I'm all for fast reads.