Monday, October 22, 2012

Reflected in You (Crossfire, #2) by Sylvia Day - Review

I've been catching up on some much needed reading, giving my book shelves and Kindle lots of TLC and so I'm hopefully back to blogging full time. Whew! It's been a crazy month and a half but I'm back in a rhythm and much happier to be reading once again. For some reason, I've been drawn to reading romance novels and less strictly YA books. That's not to say I'm not going to be reading and reviewing YA books, but I needed some fluffy books to get me relaxed and reading... and these did the trick! I picked up Reflected in You even though I said I wouldn't be reading another of Syliva Day's books... never say never I guess?

Reflected in You picks up right where Bared to You ended. Gideon and Eva are trying their hardest to get through their issues and get to know each other better in order for their relationship to work. Their whirlwind romance hasn't missed a beat and they are heading full steam ahead into both of their pasts and what could be their futures. When demons from Eva's past come to the present, Eva must come to terms with her fears and the fact that Gideon might turn away when he finds out about her tragic past.

As I stated previously... I really did not enjoy the first book very much. Bared to You was a confusing and sexually charged, 50 Shades of Grey wanna be. Another huge problem that I had with book one was the excessive use of the "c" word as a sexual endearment... not my thing. This being said, I was surprised that I very much enjoyed reading Reflected in You.

For starters, the characters were more developed in this story. While we still don't know what happened to Gideon and why he has so many issues, there were less holes in the plot and much less confusion. Readers learned more about Eva, her family and her past and we were able to understand her issues a little more. Eva also had more guts and self respect in this installment. Instead of being wishy-washy (I love you, no I hate you...etc.) she actually stood her ground and was not easily pushed over. It was refreshing to see her as a stronger female lead.

The plot was also much more exciting! In the first book, we were treated to constant fighting between our leads... and not much else to be honest. There were some cat fights between jealous ex's and some weird kinkery, but the plot really had no meat. I was disappointed to say the least. Reflected in You remedied my complaint and exceeded my expectations. There was more mystery and intrigue and I found myself on the edge of my seat a few times during this read. This book was just plain written better.

Even though the books in the Crossfire series are not the best reads of all time, Reflected in You changed my opinion of these novels and I am anxiously awaiting book 3 in November.

7 out of 10

Happy Reading :)


  1. First off I love the cover tagline "The sweet, sharp edge of obsession" Lol.

    You know me, I pretty much stick to the strict YA scene so this isn't a series I'd be too interested in. However I'm glad you enjoyed book #2 even more than #1. :)

  2. Yeah, this one was much, much better. For some reason, I'm having trouble getting back into the swing of reading YA. I don't know why, but hopefully something changes soon!

    Glad to see you're back blogging!