Saturday, October 27, 2012

On Dublin Street by Samantha Young - Review

Continuing my streak of romance novels, I decided on reading On Dublin Street because I saw it all over the charts on Amazon and I'm a sucker for an Irish accent...

On Dublin Street is the story of Jocelyn, a young American girl who moves to her mother's native Dublin in order to pursue a writing career. Joss is used to keeping everyone at arms length so that she can never be hurt. After losing her entire family long ago, she's given up on having normal relationships and is content on living a life without attachments. Then, when she moves in with a roommate, Ellie, she finds a friend in her and a very sexy and very Irish pest named Braden. He's Ellie's brother and he will do anything to get Jocelyn to come to bed with him.

This was the best book I've read in a while now. I fell in love with Braden and Ellie and I found myself wishing I lived on Dublin street with the gang. It was a story full of romance, passion, hard times and how to turn the horrible times in your life, into happy ones.

The story sort of followed along the lines of Fifty Shades of Grey in that Ellie was extremely messed up and Braden had to pick up the pieces and try and make her whole.That was probably the only similarity between the stories. I think that today, like in when Twilight came out, everyone wants to compare romance stories to Fifty Shades. I don't think that's necessarily fair, but when you read books like Bared to You where the authors are riding Fifty Shade's fame train, you see where people get pissed off and turned off to these books.

If you liked Fifty Shades, pick this book up. Not because it's super similar, but because the story has the same feel good qualities along with the drama and of course, the sexy time. I enjoyed both stories and I am excited to see what more Samantha Young has to offer in the adult, contemporary romance genre.

9 out of 10

Happy Reading :)

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