Sunday, July 15, 2012

Frostbite (Vampire Academy, #2) by Richelle Mead - Review

I hate doing this to you guys, reading all the books in a series right in a row, but with these books I can't help it. I'm completely drawn into the series and come hell or high water, I don't think I can stop continuing on so please forgive me if you get a little tired of my Vampire Academy reviews, but I'm hoping that you guys love the books as much as I do!

In Frostbite, we find our characters just as we left them after Vampire Academy ended. Lissa and Christian are getting hot and heavy, Mason is completely head over heels in love with Rose and as you know, Rose is falling hard for her instructor Dimitri. As these sordid love affairs are brewing, a Strigoi attack has left the Dhampir and Moroi world on high alert. In an effort to protect the students of St. Vladimir's the've decided to bus, or rather jet, the students an their families out to a ski resort for a little protected rest and relaxation. I'm sure you can imagine that things did not go according to plan as in this book, everything they know about the Strigoi is turned upside down and Rose gets first hand knowledge at how dangerous these vamps can be.

I really did enjoy this book more than Vampire Academy. That's not to say I didn't like book one, but in Frostbite, I already had a grasp of the vocabulary and the background stories so it made it easier to read and understand. The story was a little more intense as well and I can only anticipate them getting more and more exciting and dangerous as the stories continue.

Once again, Mead presented a beautifully written story that while sometimes a little predictable, was hard to put down. Something about these books takes me until about page 100 and then I don't put the book down until I finish it. That happened with the first book as well and I'm not exactly sure what happens 100 pages into her books, but something sparks and I couldn't stop reading.

My favorite characters were still my favorites and Frostbite made me love Rose even more. In this book, she shows her age a little bit at times and she has to face the harsh reality that being a guardian isn't about jumping into situations because you think you're a badass and can take on the world. She learns through her time with Dimitri and her mother that the Strigoi are a force to be reckoned with and not easily taken down. By the end of Frostbite, Rose is much wiser than her fellow students and while it takes tragedy for this to happen to her, I enjoyed this part of her story.

As I predicted,  I was pulling hard for Dimitri and Rose to get together. Every chapter I was hoping was the chapter that would lead them to continue their steamy romance, and I was constantly thinking KISS KISS!! Needless to say I got a little frustrated at times. Dimitri and Rose are swiftly becoming one of my favorite book couples!

If you are a little late on the uptake like I am in reading Vampire Academy, I most definitely recommend that you keep reading after book one. This book was worth the read!

8 out of 10

Happy Reading :)



  1. I would totally be okay with 6 back-to-back reviews from VA. HAHA. But I also love the series so I'm a bit bias :P

    I'm so glad you enjoyed Frostbite. Like you said, don't get me wrong Vampire Academy was good but I think Frostbite and the books that follow are even better now that we've been introduced to the world and have a good understanding of how it turns and such. How sad was that ending? That whole scene was poignant. Also... how do you feel about a certain boy named Adrian? :)

  2. Well I think you're probably going to get some back to back reviews and I'm glad you're happy about it :) (Especially now since I'm almost through book 3... what is Richelle Mead doing to me!)

    At the end, I honestly did cry... which thankfully I was alone because that's embarrassing. I completely agree, the only way to describe that scene is poignant.

    Adrian... I really, really like him, especially now in Shadow Kiss, but my heart already belongs to Mr. Belikov... for now at least!

  3. I've recently read Vampire Academy, and I thought it was okay. I have heard that the books get much better as you go along. I'm glad to hear that the second one was good! I'll have to pick it up soon. Thanks for the great review!

  4. Krystianna, they get much better as you get further into the series, I'm about done with book three and I'm completely hooked!

  5. Vampire Academy is seriously AWESOME - so heaps of reviews is great! :) After you finish Last Sacrifice you have to then read Bloodlines, the spin-off series :D

  6. I actually own Bloodlines and The Golden Lily :) I can't wait to start them but I know I'll be sad when I have to leave the VA characters behind!