Thursday, June 14, 2012

New Design from Blogovation!

As most of you have probably noticed, Abibliophobic has gotten a face lift! The lovely and talented Cierra from Blogovation Design and Books Ahoy has done a beautiful job on giving my blog a new design.

For bloggers out there looking for a revamp themselves, Cierra is the person to go to. I literally had no idea what I wanted or didn't want, but I was picky. Does that make sense at all? No, of course it doesn't... I'm a little erratic, I know. Cierra took my crazy in stride and did sample after sample until I finally decided what I did want. She had perfect vision and my design is spot on. I'm completely in love with every aspect of my blog design and it's all thanks to Cierra.

Currently, she is running a summer special! Get her premium package that is originally $60 for only $40. It's a great deal and I would recommend Cierra to any blogger looking for a new design! Let me know what you guys think of the new design!

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