Saturday, January 26, 2013

Clash (Crash, #2) by Nicole Williams - Review

I started reading Clash soon after I read the first in the series, Crash. While it wasn’t my favorite New Adult book, it was entertaining, I liked the characters and the writing style and so I decided to continue on in the series.

Clash picks up after a few months have past and Jude and Lucy are headed to their respective colleges in New York state. They’re just a few short hours away from one another and they promise to visit each weekend. While the relationship issues that they had in highschool like coming from different worlds and grand theft auto are over, they’re discovering that while distance may make the heart grow fonder, it may also grow jealous.

I can’t decide if I liked this book better than Crash. I really liked how the two main characters were now in college and trying to be successful in a new environment, but the plot as a whole had me slightly annoyed.

It was a lot of immature jealousy and going back and forth between silent treatments and acting out to get attention. Lucy was frustrating because she was the one causing a lot of the problems in their relationship. She was overly jealous and resorted to petty tactics to try and keep Jude’s attention. The problem with this was that she had never lost his attention. Girls were all over Jude because he was the star of the football team and a bad boy, but he never once thought of anyone other than Lucy. I was annoyed with Lucy’s distrust.

There were some surprising twists and turns and the ending had me in a mushy puddle on the floor as Lucy redeems herself somewhat. Overall, it was a quick, easy and enjoyable read. If you’re sensing a trend here... that’s how I like my NA books. Short, sweet and saucy.

7 out of 10

Happy Reading :)



  1. I love the end of your review! I don't read much New Adult because, frankly, there's a lot of grenades out there lol. So I don't keep it touch with the genre as much, but I'm glad to hear about Crash. It sounds pretty good, and it's good that the sequel, Clash, somewhat lived up to it.

    1. There are a ton of grenades out there, I completely agree. Like I said in my review, I read them more for a mindless quick read (they work wonders on bad day/week)! I try not to take them too seriously :)

  2. I haven’t read Crash yet, so I skimmed your review. I must get started on this series. Glad you loved it so much!

    Marlene Detierro (Medevac)