Monday, April 28, 2014

Review: Sweet Evil (The Sweet Trilogy, #1) by Wendy Higgins

As I said in my update yesterday, I've really gotten away from reading YA books as of late. For some reason, only romance novels have been holding my interest and even though I have shelves and shelves of YA books that have yet to be read, I couldn't get myself to read them.

I have been lending YA books to a friend (and fellow blogger) at work and I gave her Sweet Evil last week. She immediately fell in love and told me that I absolutely had to start reading. She also told me that I was stupid for having this one collect dust on my shelf for a year.

It's her birthday this week and she found Wendy Higgins's release party event for Sweet Surrender will be in D.C. and we plan on attending so I knew I had to get reading.

Sweet Evil tells the story of Anna, a seemingly ordinary and innocent southern girl who can see emotions. Everywhere she goes, she see's the colors of auras surrounding people. There's pink for love, orange for excitement, green for envy, and red for lust. She and her adoptive mother seem to live a quiet, albeit strange, life in Atlanta but all of that changes when she meets Kaiden Rowe. The sexy drummer of a local band about to make it big. He's got a reputation for being a total bad boy and heavenly in the sack and Anna can't seem to get him out of her head. As she finds herself drawn to him more and more, Anna learns that not only is she only half human, but the weight of the moral world's future may be on her shoulders.

Now I will preface this review by saying that books about angels and I don't normally get along... for proof see my abysmal review for Fallen by Lauren Kate. I don't know if it's the fact that I'd rather read about bad boy vampires and werewolf's than half angels and demons, but this sub-genre of YA has never really called to me.

Sweet Evil is different than any other angel themed YA I've read. You fall for our leading lady, Anna, almost instantaneously. She's innocent, pure, and good but she's got a side of her that we all have: part of her wants to give into the sins that tempt her. You can't help but pull for her good girl trying not to go bad persona. She's definitely climbing her way to the top of my list of favorite YA heroines.

Kaiden on the other hand is the bad boy of every girls dreams. Not only is he stunningly attractive, charismatic, cheeky, and a drummer... he's also got an English accent. Higgins pulled out all the stops to bring us the lust-worthy Kaiden Rowe and I couldn't picture a better devil for our angelic Anna.

I truly love the characters the Higgins created, but they would be nothing without her superb writing, on point pacing, and a plot filled with moments that will make you swoon, laugh, and cry all at once. The only thing that I would change would be to have maybe one more Kaiden and Anna interaction before the climactic ending. If we had had one more meeting between our lovers before the story comes to it's final scene, I think it would of felt a little less rushed and a little more believable.

Even with that said, Sweet Evil is absolutely fantastic and if you haven't read it before, it's definitely one to pick up.  Look out for my reviews to come this week for Sweet Peril and Sweet Surrender... yes I got the final book early. Sometimes it pays to have your local book store not know anything about books because they put them out 4 days too early!

8 out of 10

Happy Reading :)



  1. I love this book so much! Sweet Peril (the sequel) was also very good, and the trilogy's finale: Sweet Reckoning comes out tomorrow! Very good timing and nice review!

    1. I loved it too! I actually got Sweet Reckoning early and it was fantastic as well! I hope you like the final book as much as I did :)

  2. Wow this book sounds so good! I just have to get my hands on it!

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