Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Review: Losing It (Losing It, #1) by Cora Carmack


I had Losing It for a long while before I finally got around to reading it. The premise sounded interesting and who doesn’t love a little hot for teacher action?

 Bliss is one of the only girls she knows at college to still hold her v-card. In an act of frustration and rebelliousness, she decides to go for it and lose her virginity to a one night stand. Things are going according to plan but just when things get hot and heavy, she can’t go through with it. In an embarrassingly awkward moment, Bliss detangles herself from the sexy guy she was in bed with and runs out. As if things couldn’t get worse, she comes face to face with that tall dark and handsome stranger that very Monday... he’s one of her new professors.

 I’m not sure what it was about Losing It that didn’t hit it out of the park for me. In reading all of these New Adult books, I think I’ve become a fan of reading wildly passionate romances. Maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but I do like when a little “can’t live without you” is involved.

 The tone was just a little... dull, i guess you could say. I never felt that excitement for Bliss and Garrick’s romance like I do in other love stories. I wasn’t a huge fan of Bliss. She was little whiney for my taste, but I did really fall for Garrick. Who doesn’t love a sexy professor?

 The story didn’t get my heart beating faster and I felt more like I was watching a poorly executed chick-flick (a la Leap Year... anyone?) that was more boring than romantic. I know a lot of people love this one so maybe I just wasn’t in the right move. Either way, Losing It wasn’t for me.

 5 out of 10

 Happy Reading :)


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